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I'm a 61-year young middle-aged man fitness dude. As founder and chief executive blogger of Pierini Fitness, I'm the ambassador of middle-aged men around the world, advocating their interests and expressing their views of the way life was, the way life is and the way life should be. I have my own thoughts and opinions about this and that, and they're not dependent upon whether or not you believe them. I express them periodically - and sometimes more - with a Pierini Fitness blogflection.

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As much as I love junk food...I love my body more.
And I don't mean the physical appearance of it, I mean taking care of the inside.

I have eaten junk food my entire life, like TONS of junk food on a regular basis,
with every meal...
I've always worked out but I have never properly fed my body.
I'm not saying that I've taken junk food completely out of my life,
 but I definitely have made a big change!

I want to show y'all something...

Here is me in college...
I thought I was healthy, but now I look at that girl and I'm like
"holy cow, she is skinny!!!"
I had a crazy fast metabolism, was eating tons of junk food,
and was also doing tons of cardio every single day.
Lots of cardio and no weights + junk food =  too skinny, scrawny, skinny fat etc.
If you look like this, PLEASE don't think I'm hating on you!!!!
Everyones body is different, and for MY personal figure this is too skinny.
I totally get that some people have a hard time gaining weight,
because heck I'm right there with you! It feels almost impossible to get my lower body to grow.

After getting married...
I gained some weight, I wouldn't say I "let myself go" but I was definitely over eating.
Living with a guy that could eat whatever he wants whenever he wants took a toll on my body REAL fast and I did not like what I saw in the mirror.
After months and months of being insecure and unhappy with my body I decided to take a leap of faith...

It's been 3 months now since I've changed my lifestyle and I have never been happier.

I've never felt stronger or more proud of my body.
I ordered a program and totally thought it was just going to be another $100+ gone to waste.
WOAH was I wrong...

I was finally taught how to properly fuel my body, I was proven that I don't need to spend hours in the gym and I can get a crazy intense work out done in the comfort of my own home in just 30 minutes.
I spent $140 and was taught how much, when, and what to eat, I was given an amazing super food shake that has helped tremendously with my bloating, regularity and allergies, and I now get my work outs done in my home in ONLY 30 minutes!!!

Oh, and the best part?! I get to be a part of these incredible support groups with tons of other women who have similar goals as me. Day in and day out we support and motivate each other and it has been the most positive and rewarding thing I have ever experienced.

Needless to say I've cancelled my gym membership and have been loving life ever since making that decision to purchase a "silly program".

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Alexander Skarsgard Fitness Workout & Diet

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Alexander Skarsgard Workout routine and Diet plan. Alexander Skarsgard is a Swedish actor best known for HBO series True Blood, Generation Kill, Battleship and Melancholia. He recently lost weight for the drama hidden, also opened up about his military background. "I'm not interested in parts where they are looking for a good-looking guy. I want to be a weird little sidekick in a crazy comedy and then play like a dark drama or a thriller," Alexander says. Let us look at Alexander Skarsgard Body Fitness Workout routine.

Height: 6 ft 4½ inches or 194 cm
Weight: 89 kg or 196 pounds
Chest: 44 inches
Waist: 32 inches
Biceps: 14 inches

Exercise routine

"We do have to be fit. There's a lot of running around, but I don't go to the gym 6 days a week or do any weird diets or anything like that," Alexander says.

He mainly lifts weights, often heading to the gym during long breaks in filming. Joe Manganiello, his co-star does heavy workout but Skarsgard prefers a more relaxed approach to fitness.

Alex likes Swedish football and supports Hammarby IF, a football club based in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Eating routine

Alexander takes high calorie, high protein diet for bulking up. He doesn't follow any special diet. Moose Stew is Alexander's favourite dish.
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PEOPLE ARE AWESOME (Fitness Edition)

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FIFA 16 Career Mode: Leeds United #30 - Fitness Troubles

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Personal Fitness Trainer

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Foods to take:
- Vegetable protein (pulses, beans) 10% or non veg protein (chicken, fish, crab, beef, pork)
- Oil for cooking 25ml - 35ml per person per day
- Green Vegetables
- Water (10-12 glasses) & Juices (Moosambi prefered / any )
Food to avoid:
- Sugar, pastries, ice-cream, shakes
- Butter, ghee, etc...
- Alcohol

Eat 3 meals and 3 snacks(fruits, dry fruits & nuts) per day.
Night meal must be lightest.

Points to be noted:
 1) Exercise with someone it motivates you and if you're over 38 its safer
 2) If  above 38 years get your doctors approval before starting an exercise programme

- Start with a warm up (like stretching)
- Each exercise 4 to 6 sets
- Increase weight appropriately
- 30 to 50 second rest in between each set
- Breathe normally

Health Tips:
Rest. Muscles grow when you rest, not when you workout. Start with 3 full body workouts per week and focus on intensity, not gym time.
Sleep. Growth hormone releases when you sleep, building muscle. Aim for 8 hours sleep. Nap post workout if your lifestyle allows.
Drink Water. Avoids dehydration and helps muscle recovery. Drink 2 cups water with each meal, and sip water during your workout.
Eat. "Eat like a horse. Sleep like a baby. Grow like a weed". Your training is useless if you don't eat enough calories for recovery.
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